Titles are great, but what I really do is use big-picture thinking to build effective brands and amplify powerful ideas into successful & profitable realities. I live for creative challenges, for new adventures, and new ways to push boundaries. I'm working on projects that I love, projects that are impacting the world alongside some of the most influential companies on Earth. If you’re a startup, creative agency, or global brand ready to redefine standards, pioneer trends and reach new heights, we definitely need to talk... I’m always on the lookout for fellow explorers.
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Head of Creative @ Does Not Expire
Does Not Expire is a collaborative creative network comprised of specialized, sought-after designers, developers, copywriters, and marketing professionals who are experts in their respective fields and are dedicated to establishing your brand.
Head of Design @ Forefront Communications
Forefront Communications Group is a boutique marketing and PR firm that transforms fintech and capital markets firms into leaders of their industries. Deeply specialized, vastly experienced and highly connected, the rapidly growing firm works with nearly 30 of the industry’s most influential companies to help them differentiate their brands, create meaningful content and then amplify it through expertly executed campaigns.
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer @ SolidCert, Inc.
SolidCert is the premier and proprietary solution for near-time authentication, on-site digital credentialing, and comprehensive preventative reporting for the wireless telecom industry.


"An inspired, stylish and thoughtful creative who brings deep craftsmanship, attention to detail, and pride to every project he touches."

Steve H., Creative Director—Trillions Co.

"A rare creative who can realistically consider the business side and generate an inspiring creative vision."

Andres L., Marketing Director—Verizon

"Significant quality. Significant results. Significant difference to our business."

Scott D., Co-Founder—Nucleus 195

"Thomas Rafael turns any brief into something big — no matter the stage."

Deana B., Co-Founder & CMO—Gracias

"Thomas Rafael brings brands to life creating unique work while exceeding expectations and delivering serious results."

Rebecca B., Enterprise Business Director—Indiegogo